Wednesday, November 25, 2009


here's serpentor, cobra emperor, the supreme amalgamation of 10 of the greatest military leaders in history, chilling with my first published novel, "mechaniks." it was supposed to be a revenge noir melodrama set against the backdrop of '60s baseball, but i probably blew a fair amount of those good intentions. questionable southern affects, a little too much roeg worship, amateur-hour plotting. there's enough good stuff that i've since george lucas-ed it into a (i think) half-decent screenplay. i'm sure costner will be thrilled.

anyway, i teared up when i got my first copy from the publisher (mccarren, now sadly defunct; amazon has it cheap), but then again, i teared up when lucas duda threw a potentially game-ending game-five world series putout at home into the backstop, so... yeah. (i'm not hyperlinking that.) my friend julia did the cover, but i maybe should've vetoed "blood-smeared baseball." let's all be psyched i didn't reverse the "k." i was just real, real happy to have a published book.

FUN FACT: i did a "signing" at a wilkes-barre barnes & noble for this thing that was maybe the single-most pathetic moment of my adult life (saying a lot), but eating here made it almost worth it. granted, i eat totino's party pizzas these days with alarming regularity, so what do i know, but sizzle pi definitely helped the cause.

less fun fact: this story was directly inspired by this incident.

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