Tuesday, February 23, 2016


two versions of this bastion of excellence, too. bill and ted love 'em both. except the rail-thin amazon one (couldn't even fit the title or bylines on the spine) is obviously the crappier.

so, in case you're wondering (you're not, but i'll wonder for the understood you), i don't want every story i write to be some multiple version gimmick. i just really like the idea of handmade, limited art. this story has existed in some form or another for eleven-plus years. i wanted to tell a hardass revenge/pursuit narrative entirely via postcards, and have the corresponding imagery underscore the protagonist's wildly variable emotions. my friend coleman handled that, i think, super well, and my friend lisa did the cover just as effectively. this is all part of a way-too-depressing-for-it-being-this-late-at-night endeavor i "spearheaded" a few years back called towering achievements, which i'd love to whine about further, but HEY NOW it's synopsis time!

a depressive middle-aged woman sets off on the road. suicide looms. then she encounters a happy and adventurous couple whose relationship both parallels and distorts the memories of her own recently lost romance. obsessively insinuating herself into their lives, she chronicles the pursuit on postcards, hurtling towards a diabolical, perverse endgame.

i buried the lede, which is we put out a version of this on actual postcards (provided gratis by my friend clark, who should fly up here for like thirty free drinks) sealed in actual police evidence bags! (oooh, an exclamation point; i must be excited.) i think i have like five of them left. shawn macomber, who has been way, way, way times a trillion too cool about promoting anything i've ever written, interviewed me for fangoria about it. maybe i make more sense there than i do here. or, same idiot, different blood alcohol level.

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